Kinda late but here it is: developed with approvement of /v/ and silly ideas from /tg/: DUNGEONS & DUNGEONS, punishing rpg platformer with little to no plot!
>be a gnomemancer, dressed in gnomes, attacking with gnomes and showing gnome mercy
>be a brave vampire hunter killing bats and medusas with an iron whip
>be a velociraptor travelling the world with his baby bear exploring the relationship between predator and prey
>be a beemancer, summoning swarms of angry bees to sting your enemies to death

In numbers:
-15 outfits (7 in .d14)
-21 weapons (8)
-123 game-screens (59)
-24 spells (18)
-2 quests (0)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ja4fgczb0ln52tt


  1. Still not playable with arrow keys?

  2. fuckthisgayearth.gif
    Totally forgot about his one, man.

  3. Hey man, i'm the ps3 controller guy from the Amateur Game Dev thread yesterday.

    I have tried using it without JoyToKey - didn't work
    I have tried it With JoyToKey - didn't find out how to configure it because of the confusingness of JoyToKey
    i have tried a xbox controller for pc - didn't work
    i have tried xbox with Xpadder - Worked !
    and i guess Xpadder should work with xpadder aswell

    i hope this was of help to you

    (oh and pressing shift+ctrl fixed the AWSD problem)

  4. Congrats on this rpgplatformerguy. Lookin' good.

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