This project wouldn't be the same without you, thanks!
In numbers [current/(older version)]
game-screens: 245 (123)
spells: 46 (24)
weapons: 50 (21)
outfits: 32 (15)

Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?6n60fiikvmm754d



I lowered the monster killing exp and added something that will support exploring the world. Locations will be random each time you play, probably, will have to test it out.
Last version had 6 accessories, this one... 80.


Pop culture references are so nerdy 8-)

Le new outfit for the great folks of reddit that got the idea of voting for launchpad.


War, war never changes..

The mighty siege gun.
16 new weapons with 5 crazy awesome technology stuff like siege guns and tibetan lion cannons. That means both magic and weapons are ready and updated for the next version coming soon. Probably the end of this week.


Day 50-60something?

While adding quests and NPCs takes time and is kinda boring and tiresome it IS rewarding to see a character reacting  to what are you currently doing. Stay tuned, demo is coming soon.


Day 44 - Traps&Towers

400% more deadly, deadly traps. Also new blood and one parkour-esque mission for the guild. Still thinking about goat tower and the prizes you can find inside.


Day 42 - Update!

 One more month till I start studying so I'll try to rush a proper demo this or the next week. Meanwhile - pics!
~The happiness from the tower would haunt me for the rest of my life, as I could never find anything enjoyable anymore.
Yidds Village
New class choosing system.
Brand new tutorial with rewards and improved dialogues.



Day 30 - many fixes

-fixed getting stuck in the walls or during fights with giant slime
-you don't need to play through tutorial each time
-you can control with WSAD or arrows now!
-four difficulty levels (named now droplet torture, cat o' nine tails, iron maiden and SERIOUS difficulty working just like hardcore mode) that change the amount of hp, damage and other secret stuff.
-mouse support up and working correctly
-three basic classes (knave - strength boost, adept - magic boost and traveller with speed boost), nothing fancy. I plan on having countless class that start in different places, have different "ultimate" goals and give you different rewards for completing them.
-also bear warriors and ogres are working and killing me way too often - just as planned


Day 28 - .d28

Here it it, unstable and censored version with updated inventory and magic mechanics. Don't expect anything new, though. Feedback is really, really important right now because I want to once and for all complete the whole mechanics before I work on everything else.


Day 26 - Muscle Day

You are the best wizard ever!
I need to completely rework the weapon system right now. Expect critical shots, improvements and better gore effects.


Day 24/25 Pics and bug fixes

Reworked spell system is intuitive and better-looking.

Long-awaited inventory fix!


Day 23 - Pirate Treasuries

Sea's Horror  

Are you bad enough dude to find four pirate ships wrecks scattered along the coast?


Day 22 - unrelated project

Jewish Wedding Simulator
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?9mta1ptrugmj9n7
Size: ~kosher MB


Kinda late but here it is: developed with approvement of /v/ and silly ideas from /tg/: DUNGEONS & DUNGEONS, punishing rpg platformer with little to no plot!
>be a gnomemancer, dressed in gnomes, attacking with gnomes and showing gnome mercy
>be a brave vampire hunter killing bats and medusas with an iron whip
>be a velociraptor travelling the world with his baby bear exploring the relationship between predator and prey
>be a beemancer, summoning swarms of angry bees to sting your enemies to death

In numbers:
-15 outfits (7 in .d14)
-21 weapons (8)
-123 game-screens (59)
-24 spells (18)
-2 quests (0)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ja4fgczb0ln52tt


Day 21

Added 3 more enemies, dealt with annoying bug, added gnomeville on which you can go all godzilla-style. Left to do?
  1. Update accessories as I've done almost nothing with them during the week
  2. Set up a few shops as many weapons can't be found yet
  3. Work on waifus a lil' bit and add fluff pieces here and there.
Next version? Tomorrow for sure.


Day 20 or 1am of Day 21

Fuck this gay earth. I probably won't be able to upload the newest version today but don't you worry - almost everything is ready and the map is twice as big right now with almost three quests, giant beehives and resurrected Draculas.


Day 17

  1. Two new armors: Ultraknight Cauldron Armor and Bloodcrows Cauldron Armor
  2. SEVEN (!) new weapons: short sword, long sword, military fork, war hammer, flail, halberd, golden hammer
  3. One accessory: capt. Gunnbjorn figurine
  4. One tileset: tavern
  5. Brand new soundtrack


Day 16

Six new armors, six new spells, three new enemies, new new boss, two new tilesets - crypt and shop. Updated buying/selling system - you can now read what are you going to buy. 4am - time for bed.


FAQ (updated 07.07)

Q: How do I get past the menu screen
A: Press (k) and then (escape) buttons, silly goose.

A: Traps ARE visible, with little alpha though. After a while you will start seeing them in the celling. To deactivate them, stand nearby or click them with your mouse.

Q: Also how do you switch spells? I've collected tons yet i have no idea how to use them. all i can do is summon shitty tribbles.
Open the Magic (O) Screen, with the screen open press (1-9) to choose the hot-button spell. To cast it, press (H)

Day 14 demo


First Post, Day 12

Day 12
With 219 downloads I guess I could start a dev blog for this project. It's 2am of day 13 and I really need to go to bed.
Link to day 7 demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?zoc3pt1x8b6x33u