Day 30 - many fixes

-fixed getting stuck in the walls or during fights with giant slime
-you don't need to play through tutorial each time
-you can control with WSAD or arrows now!
-four difficulty levels (named now droplet torture, cat o' nine tails, iron maiden and SERIOUS difficulty working just like hardcore mode) that change the amount of hp, damage and other secret stuff.
-mouse support up and working correctly
-three basic classes (knave - strength boost, adept - magic boost and traveller with speed boost), nothing fancy. I plan on having countless class that start in different places, have different "ultimate" goals and give you different rewards for completing them.
-also bear warriors and ogres are working and killing me way too often - just as planned


  1. I keep clicking everything but there is no download link ;__;

  2. because there is no .d30 version there, bro. The latest fully playable one is .d22 (link on projects page) or .d28 with better equipment and spell system but with fucked locations.

  3. I've played .d22 many many times haha, didn't notice .d28 link untill you've said it, downloading now!