Day 28 - .d28

Here it it, unstable and censored version with updated inventory and magic mechanics. Don't expect anything new, though. Feedback is really, really important right now because I want to once and for all complete the whole mechanics before I work on everything else.


  1. -Cursors still not working.
    -My dinosaur got stuck in the jail. A red triangle/arrow appeared, pointing to an archer, but i couldn't move left or right. Just jump & attack.
    (I'm the guy who drawn the dino)

    I'll keep on testing ;)

  2. Well fuck me if I didn't add the cursor movement because it should already be in for a whole week, my bad I guess. Not sure why does the dino still get stuck but frankly I haven't changed a thing in movement so I'll have to look into that

  3. I would like to see some character creation, this could probably be done with .jpg or .bmp importing, allowing players to make their own custom faces in MS Paint and then import them for use ingame

    Also, maybe character attributes or a class system would be nice

    I would like to see some useful spells, maybe a frost ray that freezes any space it touches, causing creatures to slip and take damage, or a banana spell that makes peels that people slip on, etc.

    I have been following this game since day 1 and I love it, especially the /tg/ figurine, keep it up!

  4. Secondary spell casting button (G) doesn't seem to work.

    When there's an item lying above an activatable item (say, captcha machine), it can't be picked up.

    In the beginning of the game when you're transported to the prison, 10th spell slot isn't cleared. Neither are spells set to H and G.

    Was Freddie taken out of the game?

  5. Class system will be in for sure and the useful spells should make it in in the next version.
    Yeah, didn't really bother with the G button, will fix it.
    Thanks for the info about repatcha machine, will surely fix it.
    Spells slots will get cleared, thank you!
    Freddie still is in the game, hard luck I guess.

    I think I love you in a homoerotic way, bro.