I lowered the monster killing exp and added something that will support exploring the world. Locations will be random each time you play, probably, will have to test it out.
Last version had 6 accessories, this one... 80.


Pop culture references are so nerdy 8-)

Le new outfit for the great folks of reddit that got the idea of voting for launchpad.


War, war never changes..

The mighty siege gun.
16 new weapons with 5 crazy awesome technology stuff like siege guns and tibetan lion cannons. That means both magic and weapons are ready and updated for the next version coming soon. Probably the end of this week.


Day 50-60something?

While adding quests and NPCs takes time and is kinda boring and tiresome it IS rewarding to see a character reacting  to what are you currently doing. Stay tuned, demo is coming soon.


Day 44 - Traps&Towers

400% more deadly, deadly traps. Also new blood and one parkour-esque mission for the guild. Still thinking about goat tower and the prizes you can find inside.


Day 42 - Update!

 One more month till I start studying so I'll try to rush a proper demo this or the next week. Meanwhile - pics!
~The happiness from the tower would haunt me for the rest of my life, as I could never find anything enjoyable anymore.
Yidds Village
New class choosing system.
Brand new tutorial with rewards and improved dialogues.